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If you’re struggling with …         

  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • insomnia (trouble sleeping)
  • anger
  • depression
  • addictions
  • relationships
  • obsessive compulsive disorder

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Lots of people have their ideas about how you should handle your anxieties and challenges. Many of those people are friends, co-workers, employers, or family who usually mean well. It’s wonderful to have a support system.

We should all talk with friends and family about struggles, but sometimes, some issues are too private, or outside their pay-grade, and training.

Why the Problem Won’t Go Away

The average good Samaritan when they counsel a friend on how to deal with anxieties, panic attacks, trauma, depression, or relationship issues … are doing it with a biased and limited perspective of how the brain works.

More importantly – they’re not trained to find the patterns or subconscious causes of your problems. (This is something that takes 8 to 10 years of university education to learn.) That’s why the things you’ve tried haven’t worked, and won’t.

That’s why it pays dividends to have an objective -- trained psychologist you can truly open up to without fear of being judged or ridiculed or feeling as if you need to censor yourself so as not to alarm a family member. 

With a therapist, you don’t have to worry about someone telling others in detail about your private issues like anxiety, trauma, depression, or relationship issues.

My clients say they love how they can leave their deepest problems with their therapist knowing those problems stay there … as if putting them into a lockbox.

A Common Misconception About Therapy

Unfortunately some people believe that you’ve some how failed if you go to a therapist. That’s simply not the case. You might be surprised to know many of the nation’s respected leaders from all walks of life have a psychologist on their phone contact list. People such as bankers, doctors, lawyers, physicians, chiropractors, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, managers, philanthropists, celebrities, and more. And for good reason too.

You see if there’s a risk for heart disease in your family, I’m sure you agree it’s wise to get a check up every year for your cholesterol. If you think about it, doesn’t it make sense you should be taking care of your mind just the same? After all, your mind controls your behavior and your personal happiness and to a large degree how much money you earn and the quality of your relationships.

An Epidemic of Anxiety, Depression, and OCD

We live in a big, and at times frightening world that can be overwhelming. No wonder 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety in a given year. According to a World Health Organization report, the United States is ranked by a wide margin as the most anxious nation. Listen to this:

19 million Americans suffer from depression. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) affects 2.2 million Americans. That’s half the size of the population of Ireland. It’s obvious 1-hour TV therapy, self-help books, and willpower isn’t cutting it.

Most of the time people who think they know what the problem is really don’t. It’s usually something rooted deep in the psyche that must be identified and then properly “deleted”, managed, or re-trained. The average person simply does not have the expertise for this. This is why aspiring psychologists go to a university for 8 to 10 years.

The wealthiest and most powerful people in America recognize this and that’s why they routinely seek a therapist in the same way everyone sees a doctor for an annual checkup. Having a top caliber therapist in your corner empowers you to overcome and reverse years of patterns that hold you back. A good therapist keeps you in peak mental shape too. 

Meet Dr. Rob Woodman

Hello, my name is Dr. Rob Woodman. I’m a licensed, psychologist who is certified in cognitive and Gestalt therapy with over 25 years of experience. Currently, I serve the Davis area and 50 miles outside of it ranging from Roseville and all the way to Richmond. I serve my patients by helping them with:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Sleep problems
  • Anger
  • Panic attacks
  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorders
  • OCD
  • Anger
  • Addiction
  • Couples/relationship therapy and issues

My therapy is based on cognitive and Gestalt therapy. What is cognitive therapy? Cognitive therapy asserts that thoughts can cause moods and that incorrect self-beliefs lead to negative emotions. This therapy helps clients recognize and reassess their patterns of negative thoughts so they can replace them with positive thoughts that reflect reality. Studies show cognitive therapy is an effective treatment for depression and anxiety and reduces relapse rates.

Patients of mine also benefit from Gestalt therapy. This is a form of depth psychology that examines subtle patterns of behavior and feeling as they appear in the therapeutic relationship. We bring those patterns into conscious awareness so we can manage them.

Why I Get Results Where Others Fail

What makes my approach effective for my client is that I not only did a post-doctoral internship in neuro-psychology but I also hold a Post-Doctoral Master of Science in Clinical Pharmacology (MSCP). What this means to you is I have a repertoire of techniques to test the function of the brain and to strengthen weakened parts of the brain, including neural connections, while also influencing the flow of neurotransmitters. For you this means remarkable results beyond conventional therapies. So if you’ve seen other therapists or counselors and didn’t get the results you wanted, it’s because the professional you saw does not have this special training. I do.  Because I have the MSCP I can consult with your primary care doctor if medication would be helpful and also see if it is time to get off your medication.

(I would love to share with you the amazing success stories my clients enjoy but regulatory law forbids psychologists from doing so.)

If you’ve ever gone to the dentist for a teeth cleaning, notice how it’s the dental hygienist who does 90% of the work and at the end, the dentist shows up. With me, you get 100% of my attention. Because of that, I can only take on a limited number of clients at a time.

New Power to Shape Your Life

As my valued client I’ll give you a new found power. Power to take control of your life to advance forward. These are special skills, training, and concepts you simply won’t receive elsewhere. It’s like having a new lease on your life, a fresh start, so you can shape your life the way you want.

However, I will not take you on as my client unless you’re willing to apply what I’m giving you. True, I can give you the most powerful skills and insights available to turn things around, but nothing happens unless you agree to do so. As such, I’m only interested in taking on clients who are committed to their therapeutic success.

Reserve Your Free Consultation

Here’s how I work. First, we meet on the phone. It’s a FREE consultation. On this call I’ll ask you some questions and you’ll ask me some questions.  We’ll see if there’s chemistry between the two of us. What are my sessions like?

This isn’t the Dr. Phil show where I browbeat you into submission nor is it touchy-feely, or new-agey. Instead -- this is results-based therapy in a non-judgmental, nurturing environment where you feel safe.

At the end of that call, if we do feel interested in working together, I’ll map out a therapeutic program for you. At that point, you either give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Whatever you decide is fine. You’re under no obligation. I’m a therapist, not a vacuum cleaner salesman.

Therapy consists of a set amount of sessions, each 50-minutes long, which are held at my office or after a certain point done occasionally by Skype if you prefer. You may cancel any time if you choose. But I don’t think you will because in my 21 years of practice, I can count on my hands the number of clients that ever did. The vast majority love their newfound freedom and fresh start.

The next step is easy. I invite you to call now or fill out the form below to schedule your FREE Phone Consultation. Go ahead, do it now. You’ll be glad you did.

Thank you.

Dr. Rob Woodman, Ph.D., MSCP

Dr Woodman is a licensed psychologist in California PSY 13069                  

Call me at

530 902-1683

2655 Portage Bay East, Suite 8
Davis, CA 95616

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