What is Intensive Psychotherapy?

Holistic healing from sexual abuse &/or workplace abuse

What is Intensive Psychotherapy?

Intensive therapy offers a unique approach to healing with sexual abuse in the workplace &/or workplace abuse, harassment, intimidation and bullying. It is a different, holistic process that includes all stakeholders. It seeks to have an outcome in which everyone ends up whole and healthy and no one is a loser. It is an antithesis to the adversarial legal approach.

When an accusation is made a legal process cannot be avoided. There must be an investigation. Usually, if the accused is found at fault, he or she is fired. When the accused is a key person, a “rain maker,” such as the owner, CEO or a celebrity, losing that person can severely compromise the business.

Victims may sue and the company must defend itself. While compensation to victims may be covered by an insurance policy, the insurance may not cover the compensation and rate goes up. Victims are further victimized by this legal process. Financial awards a rarely enough to compensate for actual losses, that often includes the loss of a career and future earning potential. Often victims are emotionally scared by the experience, shame and stigma of what happened.

Victims can be tainted and unhireable. The company may be compassionate about the victims but cannot both help them and be engaged in an adversarial legal process at the same time. What can the company do for the victims?

Is there any other way to deal with this? Is there a way to help the victims and eventually bring that key person back on board?  Explore further on this site.


Intensive Psychotherapy address all of these issues. To see how, look at the other pages in this section.