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Mitigation Strategies

Is your client facing an accusation of misconduct or abuse? You need mitigation strategies in place that include Accelerated Psychotherapy. so everyone can heal.

Celebrities from the film industry, classical music, and sports and other industries have all recently been accused of abusive sexual behavior, harassment, intimidation, and bullying. An accusation made public is an agent’s worse nightmare. Clearly, you need to mitigation strategies. The best approach to dealing with public relations is to be honest, to be contrite, to sincerely apologize and to express care and concern for the victims. You know your client. He or she is probably not going to do that. Not right now. What can you do?

Accelerated Psychotherapy is designed to rehabilitate the accused. By intensive, we mean four psychotherapy sessions per week for four weeks. This emotionally focused and experiential work accelerates the formation of the therapeutic relationship. It helps the accused find his/her humanness. It helps him/her identify with the victims and understand their experience of what happened.

We have many examples of people who have been convicted of criminal behavior who later become the champions of civic responsibility. Once we know what happened to the accused so that the offending events took place, we also know how to change them.

After the therapy, your client may be ready to reconcile wiht the victims and be honest with the public.  Your client may become the leader of a cultural change in the places they work to be kinder, more humane, safer and more creative.

What had at once presented as a PR nightmare and legal quagmire can become an opportunity for human growth and reconciliation. This may be the best way to protect your client from career-ending consequences.