Toxic Work Environment

Toxic Work Environment

When one of the company’s major assets, be it the owner, CEO, or a celebrity is accused of creating a toxic work environment, sexual harassment, intimidation, or bullying it can create for the HR professional a gut-wrenching series of decisions. No matter where you turn there does not seem to be any good outcomes.

With all the legal requirements, dangers of lawsuits, and possible criminal accusations, you walk a tightrope. What direction can you turn in to create a favorable outcome?

Accelerated Psychotherapy takes a rehabilitation and reconciliation approach instead of a legal one. Accelerated Psychotherapy takes a healing approach by asking the company to provide the victims with rehabilitative psychotherapy, and offering rehabilitation to the accused followed by reconciliation for all stakeholders who want to be included.

Often people who are victims of sexual harassment, intimidation or bullying take time off work on stress leave. However, most often nothing happens during that time off. We offer rapid, expert Accelerated Psychotherapy.  This program is four therapy sessions per week for four weeks. The more quickly the victims can get into therapy, the less damage is done. Often they can stay on the job or return quickly to full employment.

If he/she is willing, the accused can also enter Accelerated Psychotherapy with someone who understands the neurobiological effects of power and has the experience and expertise in treating offenders. If the accused fully engages in the therapy, they can safely return to the workplace and be the cultural leader of a safer, more respectful, and creative workplace.

When individual therapy is completed,  anyone who wants can participate in a process of reconciliation. This would include the victims, the accused, company leadership, and any other affected employees.

Accelerated Psychotherapy avoids many complex and lengthy legal issues and creates a workplace that is safer, more coherent, and more productive in the end. Here is a place you can turn to for a good outcome.