A Psychologist for Chronic Pain and Medical Procedures? It’s Not All In My Head!

Chronic pain is when pain continues after an injury has healed. Yes, a psychologist can help. A psychologist can help with many kinds of pain and the discomfort from medical and dental procedures. Let me tell you how.

  • You can learn to interfere with the pain pathways so that you do not feel pain
  • You can learn to minimize the amount of attention you give to pain
  • You can learn to dial down inflammation that can cause pain
  • You can learn to deal with the fear and anxiety that pain can cause
  • You can restore your life to something much closer to what you used to know

In collaboration with your treating physician, a psychologist specializing in pain has much to offer you to help restore your sense of peace and ease, your relationships, and your prospects for the future.

  • Pain is always worse when you are stressed. A psychologist will help you reduce your stress and feel less pain.
  • A psychologist will help you prioritize the things in your life so that pain does not take up all your energy and time.
  • A psychologist will help you strengthen your relationships and positive inner qualities for a more productive and happier life.

Dr. Woodman has decades of experience. He uses the most advanced techniques of psychotherapy (AEDP) and hypnosis.