What is Functional Neurological Disorder?

Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) is a problem with the functioning of the nervous system and how the brain and body send and receive signals. Physical or psychological risk factors can cause functional symptoms, including various physical, sensory and cognitive symptoms that have yet to be explained by a recognized disease. Functional Neurological Disorders are considered to be multifactorial, which means many different risk factors can contribute to the development of the disorder. The symptoms are real and can cause impairment in quality of life that is similar to and, in some aspects, worse than other neurological conditions. FND occupies a grey area between psychiatry and neurology. New scientific findings now influence how patients are diagnosed and treated, creating an overall change in attitude toward Functional Neurological Disorder patients. (


In collaboration with your neurologist, psychological treatment, particularly hypnosis, is essential for recovery from FND. How do psychological therapy and hypnosis help?

Sometimes people with FND have had physical or psychological trauma or have been stressed beyond their tolerance limit. At the very least, having FND is distressing. Psychotherapy is used to restore a sense of safety, security, inner peace, and self-assurance.

We use hypnosis to encourage natural healing and proper functioning. Hypnosis allows us access to the unconscious, the part of us that regulates breathing and heart rate, immunity and hormones, as well as behaviors and automatic thoughts. With hypnosis, we access the nervous system to restore how the brain and body send and receive signals.